Chloe James – Cum Eating Instruction

The cruelty of brat girl Chloe James is plain for all to see in this cum eating instruction clip.

cum eating instruction

There’s something that I really, really want you to do for me. And I just want you to agree to it before I even tell you what it is. And I know you will because I’m so fucking hot you’ll do anything I tell you to. I want you to eat your own cum for me, just for me. It’s ok, I’m so hot, I know you want to do it for me. It can be our little secret. I know I make you want to cum, and I know you want to taste it for me. Mmmmm it will be so yummy. You can just stare at me as you stick out your tongue and lick it. And as it slides down the back of your throat, you can just imagine that you’re tasting me.